A brief–architectural brief, design brief, project brief, challenge brief …

Conventionally we designers–any of us who challenges to solve any problem–start working by receiving a brief from client in one way or the other. What happens is often we find ourselves scratching our heads asking, “Is this really what we should do for what our client want?” while putting a great deal of effort downstream to devise affirmative answers to the question. But, what if the problems were not framed properly? What if the problem was challenging the symptom of a problem not the source of the symptom?

Design brief in-between upstream and downstream of design process, attribution: Alastair Fuad-Luke (CC BY-SA 3.0)

If we consider a design solution to be a result of consecutive decision making, we can say that the work of design has started already in creating a design brief. Design briefs are an extremely important part of the functions of any organization. A brief is a comprehensive written document for a project developed in concert by a person or a team representing the need for solution and the designer and focused on the desired results of work–not aesthetics.

Through Beef Finland 2012, I attempt to explore the opportunity as a designer by working toward the upstream. The result will a brief in forms of video and newspaper for various people who can make change in the society.