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Visit Beyond Beef Finland –

View in HD / View in HD with Korean subtitle

The video may not work in some areas of the world. … more

Beef Finland goes New York

(Post)Material Design Case Study Beef Finland is invited by Q&A and Finnish Cultural Institute in New York to the New York Design Week 2012, more specifically, The New … more

Beef Finland won the MoA SLAM prize!

Beef Finland won the 1st prize at MOA SLAM 2012. Now you can watch the video! … more

Beef Finland goes ScienceSLAM at MoA12!

What happens if you throw a handful of enthusiastic young researchers in front of the audience of a local bar and let them compete for … more

Beef Finland at Helsinki Green Drinks

Beef Finland 2012 at Helsinki Green Drinks!… more

A New York Times’ call for carnivores.

A New York Times’ ethicist Ariel Kaminer calls for carnivores who believe in eating animals. If you believe you can make a clear argument that … more

Meat, dairy consumption and fat intake in Finland

Visualization of some trustworthy data shows that Finland consumes more meat and dairy than it needs to, so much so that half of its population … more

Six macro trends depicting why future of food will look (very) different

Ville Tikka of WeVolve, a “change agency” that currently operates from Helsinki, spoke at the Food Conference in Helsinki on Jan 2012 about New Visions … more

Vegetarian Food Day in Finnish schools?

While I was talking to Suvi, I stumbled upon an interesting incident in Finland quite recently–Helsinki city has been trying to force its students have … more

How much meat and dairy is good for us?

Meat and dairy products (MDPs) have long been regarded as good for health (Fiddes, 1991) but this assumption is increasingly being called into question (Raynor … more

An example of systemic solution(s)

When talking about systemic solution often the meaning is diluted or misunderstood due to people’s own understandings of system. It is typically because the term … more

How many are actually vegetarians in a vegetarian restaurant?

There is a special student restaurant in Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture: Kipsari is a student bar, cafe, and restaurant owned by … more

Eating breakfast may help reduce overall meat consumption

A recent study conducted in Korea, Skipping breakfast is associated with diet quality … of adults, shows that the breakfast eaters consumes more food than … more

Interview | Aki Arjola

Aki Arjola is one of the founders of Eat & Joy, a business venture that takes quality produce from small producers in the Finnish countryside, … more

Why beef matters in climate change policy

Yi Hyun, who is finishing her Masters in Institute of Development Studies, tells why beef matters in climate change policy. … more


The practice of eliminating the use of animal products in eating and wearing–and why…. more

Freaky Eaters

Do you find yourself fond of only a few foodstuff?… more

Interview | Tapani Parviainen

Tapani Parviainen has been working as a veterinary practitioner for three decades, and he now works for Aluehallintovirasto, the Regional State Administrative Agencies in Finland, … more

Beyond Criticism

Critical Design seems to position itself on the opposite side of conventional design. Is it really so?… more

Beef by-products

What do we do with what we don’t eat from cows?… more

Pig 05049 by Christien Meindertsma

Pig number 05049, identified by its ear tag, was shipped in parts throughout the world, and used for making soap, cigaret, gloves, pcb panel, ceramic glaze, injectable collagen, beer, bullets… more

Taste of waste

Wasting shockingly large amount of food in the distribution is not to be overlooked, as well as the food we get expired in our refrigerators. Here are some good initiatives. … more

Inflight Meat free monday?

Should we set vegetarian meal or vegan meal as default? … more


Have you heard of Meat Water? … more

Will new gadgets save us?

Jawbone recently launched UP, a new gadget that supposedly helps you sleep better, move more, and eat healthier. There has been Nike+, now there is … more

Interview | Eating Designer Karlijn Souren

Joanne and I (J&S) met Karlijn Souren (KS), a Utrecht-based eating designer, as a part of the effort to create a publication on contemporary design discourse, … more


I see the crucial roles of restaurants and chéfs as they set the trend, and I will try to talk to those to find out whether they see their role and explore opportunities together. Any suggestions? … more