Beef Finland project is hugely owing to the people listed below, and also the people who will help the project advance in years to come.

Name Date Occupation
Key ideas earned
Karlijn Souren 14 Nov 2011 Eating designer
–Myth buster of night food: not preference but availability
–Social issues around food
–Food waste problem
Sasu Laukkonen 7 Dec 2011 Cook
/Chef & Sommelier
–The rise of new Nordic cuisine
–Organic food discourse among restaurateurs
–How he uses herbs and vegetables being wasted in the city
–How he uses a whole animal (not to waste parts)
Toshiaki Hoshi 11 Dec 2011 Cook
/Ravintola Hoshito
–Why he uses more meat for customers in Finland
–Meat vs vegetable satisfaction-performance/price comparison in Japan and in Finland from a chef’s point of view
Tapani Parviainen 13 Dec 2011 Veterinarian
–Safety of meat production in Finland
–Geographical implication of farming in Finland
Ville Tikka 14 Dec 2011 Strategic Director & Futures Specialist
–WeVolve’s approach to societal changes of a preferred future
Markus Vinnari 13 Jan 2012 Post-doctoral Researcher
/University of Eastern Finland
–Vegetarian population in Finland and its development
Aki Arjola 16 Jan 2012 Founder
/Eat & Joy
–Eat & Joy’s approach to meat product
Dan Hill 18 Jan 2012 Design Lead
–Structure of design brief
–Tips for design brief
Tommi Kotiranta 19 Jan 2012 Founder
/Ravintola Zuccini
Waiting for answer to the questionnaire sent to him
Taina Mikkonen 20 Jan 2012 Evira –Farm subsidy structure and its ramification
Antti Oksa 25 Jan 2012 Category Manager, Meat sales in S-Group grocery chains
–Beef and meat sales in S grocery chain
–S’s action on beef and meat comsunption
Sirpa Kurppa 27 Feb 2012 Food researcher, MTT –Pro-beef?
–Beef and meat related research going on in MTT
Miska Knapek 28 Feb 2012 Masters student at Aalto University –Veganism, raw-foodist in Nordic Europe
Suvi Vuorinen 1 Mar 2012 Home economics teacher, formerly working for Helsingin Suomenkielinen työväenopisto –Cooking courses in Suomenkielinen työväenopisto (The Finnish Adult Education Centre in Helsinki)
–Home economics courses
Jaana Jussila 2 Mon 2012 Director, Kipsari –How Kipsari is run
–How much customers Kipsari serves
–How much of their customers are vegetarians or vegans
Ilmari Arnkil 4 Mar 2012 Chairman of the board of Kipsari, a student of Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture –How Kipsari is run
–How much customers Kipsari serves
–How much of their customers are vegetarians or vegans
Raija Kara 6 Mar 2012 Secretary general, National Nutrition Council, Food Safety Authority Evira –How dietary recommendation is being designed in Finland
–Official opinion of National Nutrition Council on the current trend: low carb diet
Jyrki Niemi 8 Mar 2012 Professor, MTT Economic Research –The economics of beef in Finnish society
–The subsidy on beef production and distribution and its ramification
–How EU intervened
–Number of farms, sizes before and after
Mariaana Nelimarkka & Christer Lindgren 8 Mar 2012 Food writers, Kielhuu –The rise of new Finnish cuisine
–Reasonings behind vegetarian cookbook
–How to lead the new food trend
–Vegetarian food competition or festival
Johanna Mäkelä 12 Mar 2012 Professor of Finnish food culture, University of Helsinki –Obstacles and opportunities reflecting the history of Finnish food culture
Kristiina Janhonen 13 Mar 2012 Doctoral candidate, University of Helsinki –Her research on food choices of adolescence
Raija Tahvonen 16 Mar 2012 Professor of Biotechnology and Food Research, MTT –Metabolism of Finnish people
–Calcium deficiency and protein
–High dairy intake and osteoporosis
–Diet related healthcare cost issue
Mikael Fogelholm 25 April 2012 Professor in Nutrition, Department of Food and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki –Metabolism of Finnish people
–Diet related healthcare cost issue
Kirsti Uusi-Rasi 10 Sep 2012 PhD, Adjunct Professor, UKK Institute, Tampere –High protein intake and osteoporosis