Beef Finland 2012 started as a masters thesis project of Seungho Lee at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture that aims to mitigate issues and challenges around excessive beef consumption worldwide.

Beef, as opposed to cow, is one of the most frequently purchased industrial products and has been universally consumed at large on this planet. Consequently it has a great deal of issues on sustainability, health, and more.

Beef Finland 2012 attempts to explore the situation of Finland as to beef consumption and discover various the stakeholders and create a brief for the actors, and the future-owner of the aforementioned problems.

The brief in the form of newspaper, a short film that summarizes the brief, and a blog that will record and share the whole process in real-time will be created by April 2012. The immediate response of the society will be collected on this blog and hopefully will help create contemporary beef discourse. The design brief is expected to be taken as a point of departure by the stakeholders for creating the solution.


Marco Steinberg, director, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra