Beef Finland goes ScienceSLAM at MoA12!

What happens if you throw a handful of enthusiastic young researchers in front of the audience of a local bar and let them compete for applause?

ScienceSLAM goes MoA12, and Beef Finland will be there! ScienceSLAM is an attempt to share scientific research hidden in the dark corners of their dusty study rooms and laboratories to non-scientists in everyday language. If design can be a problem solving science, why shouldn’t I put myself in front of people and talk about strategic design and its challenge? Besides, there is € 500 prize with which I can print another 5,000 copies of the newspaper.

Come to ScienceSLAM at MoA12 and support Beef Finland 2012!

ScienceSLAM at MoA12

May 16 2012, Wednesday 7 – 8 pm


Tyynenmerenkatu 6 Map
00220 Helsinki, Finland