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Meef Burrito flavored, Pigs with Wings flavored, BBQ Wings flavored … water. Today I have stumbled upon MeatWater™  on Aol News, and I have spent quite some time until I notice this was an campaign by a New York photographer Till Krautkrämer and a Massachusetts artist/designer Brian Kane.

This, to me, is a really good art work drawing attention to good questions just like I wrote about Mäki’s work quite some time ago. Awareness on what? Some speculates that the work’s about water issue while others conjecture that the work is about the stupidity of consumer culture and the concept of ‘time saving.’ To me it sounds like a warning for us mankind for excessive consumption of meat and strange soda drinks. What do you say? You go figure at or listen to a MeatWater™ interview on Moffit and Frankie radio.

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