Never thought of the difference between animal right and animal welfare, which, to me, seems similar to ecology and sustainability: animal right implies that we do not have right to kill animals for anything whether for food or for leather or fur, animal welfare implies that it’s okay to get whatever we want by killing animals as long as we treat them properly. In a video I found on Gary L. Francione, a Professor of Law and a vegan, argues that we have to and we are able to persuade people to turn veganism that means the practice of eliminating the use of animals and animal products for any purpose, including food, clothing, and entertainment.

Francione says “Many people asks me what if there are people who are persistent and against veganism, and I say let’s persuade who will change first, and then let’s get worried about those who persist when we will have turned enough people.” Is veganism a way to go? Considering animal right it seems to be. But still, how do we offer more vegan food in the market? How do we offer more attractive vegan food in ordinary supermarkets like S and K?